2 comments on “Truancy

  1. I think you picked very good pieces for your Truancy study. The main elements in these paintings served not only focal points in composition on canvas, but also the spiritual and conceptual backbones of the pieces.

    I also like how you relate the void in Lucifer to the life after death. It makes one wonder, which is more fearful: living in hell, or vanishing without a trace.

    Very nice!

  2. I really like this project; the amount of thought put into the meaning is admirable and still avoids cliché. The result though often says things different than what you wrote in your statement. In the first, simply /Adam/, Adam looks relaxed, and faux introspective, and ultimately rather vain the way he stretches his body out in a nonchalant way. In the second, simply /Supper/, the diners appear to have taken sides over a dispute. Both of these paintings then become less about the void but about the human nature that the rest of the artwork then expresses in its non-edited areas. This is less the case in the 3rd painting, because the attention of the piece is still focused on this supernatural glow. In the 4th painting, you lose the focus on human nature, but do a good job of removing the supernatural figure, thus making the piece about a greater, more abstract concept of darkness and emptiness.

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